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Real Estate Marketing Tips: 2 of 4

Posted December 15, 2015

How did you do with last week's marketing goals?  Whether you rocked it out or completely bailed, no worries... We've got another round of tips to help you become better, stronger & faster in your online marketing.  Need coaching to accomplish a goal?  No problem.  Just email your marketing coach at support@easyemerge.com. If you're not an eMerge subscriber, what's stopping you? Sign up at www.easyemerge.com.


Keep it short and sweet.  Face it, people have a short attention span and don't want to sift through a long email to figure out the main point.  Keep emails short and straight-forward, focusing on key talking points and linking out to full articles, listings, your blog or website, etc. for those that want more information.  Remember - linking out for more details gives you powerful reporting as to who's engaging with that content in your eMerge Report Center!
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Pay attention to Insights.  Facebook Insights gives you fantastic information not only about who your audience is, but also what content of yours interests them the most.  Access Insights inside of your Facebook business page or through your eMerge account (if you are connected to Facebook) to see what topics are resonating with your fans and followers and use this to plan for future posts.
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Use visual content to get noticed.   Just like Facebook, LinkedIn users are more likely to engage with your profile if it's supported with images, videos, slideshares and other visual inclusions.  Update your LinkedIn profile by using the Professional Portfolio feature to add photos, videos, linked articles with images, screenshots, infographics and SlideShare presentations.
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Use an icebreaker.  Bypass the nameless, faceless follower experience by sharing a common connection with a fellow tweeter.  Find relevant tweets from your follower's feeds, retweet to your network and then reply directly detailing something insightful about their post.  Minimal effort, maximum return.
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Brand your channel.  If you are an eMerge subscriber, you've probably already done this, but it bears repeating.  Make sure your YouTube channel is a 'home away from home' for your visitors.  Your backgrounds, graphics and color scheme should mimic your other online branding (ie.  website, social channels, etc...).  This increases your credibility and makes the experience more personal for the visitor.
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