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Real Estate Marketing Tips: 1 of 4

Posted November 16, 2015

Over the next 4 months we're giving you different marketing goals for each of your major marketing channels.  Do one, do them all....it's up to you.  But with each goal completed, you will be one step closer in developing your comprehensive marketing campaign.  Need coaching to accomplish a goal?  No problem.  Join eMerge to get access to our lovely marketing coaches. eMerge subscribers, just email your coaches at support@easyemerge.com to schedule a time to chat.


Drive higher opens on your email newsletter.  Take a look at your newsletter title and incorporate one of these top engaging keywords in the title before your next drop:  

  • alert
  • bulletin
  • issue
  • learn
  • news
  • report
  • today
  • video
  • subscription
  • don't miss
  • latest
  • only
  • save

Make sure to pay attention to your open rates in the eMerge Report Center after.
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Boost a post.  Boosting a post can give a small business a lot of traction on Facebook.  Try it.  Spend $10 or $20 to boost a key post related to your business (ie.  a new listing or open house, a special service you offer, etc...), share it with fans and friends of fans and see what happens.  Make sure you include a call-to-action such as "Comment or message me to order" or "Call today for a tour at 555-555-5555."
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Make LinkedIn more than your online resume!  Review your LinkedIn profile and think about it from the client perspective.  Instead of writing your profile like a resume summary, focus on presenting your services and expertise from this angle:  "What I do", "Why I'm different", and "What others say".  Clearly explain who you are and what you can do to solve your audience's needs and you'll stand out from the rest of the pack.
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Connect with someone new.  Use a tool like Wefollow.com to find people in your region and are interested in your industry and start following them.  It's that easy!  Then, follow their conversations and add value from time to time.
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Make your video findable.  Title, description and tags are key for making your video searchable by interested viewers.  Make sure keywords are in your title and use a colon to accentuate (ie.  Puppy Biting:  How to stop puppies from biting, nipping and mouthing).  Start your description with a full url and follow with a clear summary full of keywords (ie.  http://www.puppylove.com - Learn how to stop puppy biting now with these five tips from top dog trainers.  These training techniques will stop puppy biting, nipping and mouthing in a matter of days when implemented.).   Finally, add every applicable tag you can for the video (ie.  puppy, biting, nipping, mouthing.  dog training. etc....)
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POSTED ON 11-16-2015