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5 Ways To Promote Your Open House Online

Posted September 15, 2016
There are few things more frustrating than sitting around with your business cards in hand, finger foods ready, and no one showing up to your open house. We have a few ideas you can use to not only ensure this doesn’t happen, but also give yourself a nice little nest-egg of re-usable content for your post-event follow-up. 

Schedule Email Announcements & Reminders
Create and schedule email announcements and reminders to your buyer database starting one-week prior to the open house.  Using the eMerge “Open House” email template, you can build in trackable actions like an rsvp button, a link to the MLS listing, links to community and school information, etc.  Make sure to also create and schedule open house reminders 24-hours before & morning of to every who has rsvp’ed or requested more information. 

Just like your email campaign, start your open house promotion on Facebook one week prior to the event.  The secret here is to create boosted posts targeting a specific audience (ie.  everyone living in Sherman Oaks between the ages of 25 – 45).  Make sure to use gorgeous imagery and /or video to make your ad eye-catching.  Also, consider a live-streaming video during your open house to get things started.

Twitter & Instagram
Instagram has this cool feature where you can also post to Twitter at the same time, so it saves you from having to double your work. Post pictures and / or video to Instagram & Twitter using highly-trending hashtags like #OpenHouse, #ShermanOaks, #LosAngeles, #HouseHunting, #RealEstateLife, etc.  Don’t stop there, use your social channels to post live updates DURING the open house!  Try tagging some attendees in there for fun.

Speaking of live updates, Snapchat is becoming immensely popular for agents to post pictures & videos, basically giving you a free virtual tour tool. While short-lived, the compilation of images & videos you post in succession during the event are turned into a “story”, which your followers can view for the next 24 hours. Be sure to save a copy of those images & videos to your phone, you’ll be using them later for follow-up.

Don’t Forget the Follow-up
The open house is over and everyone has gone home. You have cleaned up the empty cups and finger food trays, so it’s time to call it quits, right? Wrong! It’s time for immediate follow-up!  Using all of those awesome pictures, videos & posts you’ve run, you now have content you can re-use for those nice follow-up emails and social posts to your attendees (and no-shows).   Re-tell the epic story of your open house through images, videos, link posts, and prospect mentions. 
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