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Identify and engage your active email subscribers

Posted January 12, 2016


Handraisers are the people who are significantly more active in your emails than usual, or in comparison to the rest of your contacts. And today we're going to show you how to identify and interact with them. 

1. Identify the "handraisers."

You can identify the handraisers by viewing your email reports in your eMerge account. To view your reports, click on Reporting > Email > View Report. First, click "view list" next to the Total Opens. Scroll through it, looking at the Open Count, and notice that most opened once, but other opened the email 4 or 5 times! Those are your handraisers. 

Another way to identify handraisers is to look at your call to action (view my website, schedule a showing, check out this listing, etc.) or the link that was clicked on the most. Click "view list" next to that link, and do the same thing. Just look at the "clicks" column and identify the ones that clicked more than 2 or 3 times. 

Congrats! You have identified the people that are most interested! You have their attention. Now what? You engage, that's what! There are two ways to engage: online and offline. The techniques you use will really be specific to your business and your goals, but we'll get you started with some ideas. 


2. Engage online with your "handraisers."

The thing we love so much about reports is that you can be pro-active to people looking at your listings. Let's say you had 12 people click on "schedule showing" on your new hot listing, but you didn't get 12 phone calls, you only got 2. That means that 2 people actually picked up the phone and the other 10 thought about it. So how do you engage with these people?

Our suggestion in this case is to put those handraisers that are interested in looking at houses in their own list and send periodic emails with just listings. 


3. Engage offline with your "handraisers."

So now that you're able to identify handraisers and find ways to engage with them further based off of their interests, how do you interact with them offline? Our suggestion is to find the few that stand out the most (based off of engagement in your email reports) and give them a call, find out what their motive is. Are they looking to buy? Is their mom, sister, cousin looking to buy? Find out how you can help them and go for it!

If you would like to chat with an eMerge coach about your email reports and how to read them, give us a call at 985-781-4471 or use the chat feature in your eMerge account.