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RE/MAX Integrity Case Study

Posted February 16, 2018
Company Background
RE/MAX Integrity is a leading brokerage located in the Pacific Northwest area.  Broker and leader Paul Blumenstetter purchased the brokerage 13 years ago in 2004.  Since 2004, Paul has grown his business multiple times over.  Starting with 1 office and 18 agents, today Paul boasts 5 offices and over 130 agents.

Prior to implementing the eMerge recruiting system, RE/MAX Integrity relied on traditional cold calls without much success.  Today, the brokerage has implemented the eMerge’ Broker Bundle campaign to automate their outreach and streamline their success.  Since implementing this campaign, the number of prospective agents interested in moving to actual conversations has increased tremendously.

The Challenge
RE/MAX Integrity broker Blumenstetter noticed when reviewing his business and going through planning sessions that the overall growth of the number of agents joining the brokerage had become somewhat stagnant.

A call-down campaign was implemented and it was quickly realized that it is difficult to create and build relationships with cold calls.  Blumenstetter needed a different, softer approach to stay in front of his prospects and knew that intelligent, engaging email has been proven to do just that.

Blumenstetter began to research solutions that would help recruit and retain top producing agents for the company.  After reviewing multiple products and doing his due diligence, he made the executive decision to work with eMerge.  eMerge is not only the #1 email platform for recruiting in the industry, but also has a long-standing relationship with RE/MAX corporate and many RE/MAX brokers and agents world-wide.
The Solution
Blumenstetter decided on a two-prong approach to implement his recruiting campaigns.  The first was to hire a dedicated recruiting specialist to manage and maintain his recruitment initiatives.  The second was to connect his recruitment specialist with eMerge so they could collaborate on developing a strategic recruitment workflow encompassing all facets of the process.

RE/MAX Integrity now uses eMerge to engage prospects, encouraging direct outreach and tracking engagement with recruitment material, which helps to build a user-interest profile.  Hot leads (prospects who engage with key recruitment content) and immediate hand raisers are considered “ a success” and move into an offline outreach campaign.  With immediate notifications via email and text message, the recruiting specialist can reach out to that prospect with an understanding of what interests them, increasing overall conversions.

eMerge and the recruitment specialist launched the recruitment strategy in October 2017, resulting in three immediate hand raisers from the very first email outreach, leading to discovery meetings.   A top-producing Sotheby’s agent joined RE/MAX Integrity at the end of December, cementing the success of the program.
Recruitment Advice from RE/MAX Integrity
It is extremely easy to get lax about recruiting when you are focused on your current agents and selling real estate.  Trends are changing, agents are getting older and starting to look at retirement.  Be sure to include specific messaging and content that will grab the attention of the upcoming millennials joining the business.  Your approach may need adjustment based on demographics.

Brokers need to stay focused on the business as a whole and support both growing the bottom line and ensuring that the business will continue to add new agents.  You don’t want to get into a situation where more agents and leaving the business versus coming in. Try to strike a balance!

​Top Benefits for RE/MAX Integrity
- RE/MAX “Jumpstarter” Branding & Templates
- Proven Workflows & Campaigns
- Immediate Notifications
- Easy to read reports & results

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